North Pointe

A Premier Gated Community in Lake Havasu City

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a community pool?

No, there is no plan for a clubhouse or community pool, most homeowners have a private pool in their own yard

What are the HOA Dues and what does that cover?

The dues are $95/month, it covers road maintenance, common area landscaping, gates and Trash for every homeowner

Are the dues the same for each phase of the community?


How long does it take to build a home?

​It is typically 12 months from Contract to Keys

Can I purchase a lot in the Subdivision?

No, you are able to pick a lot and pick your model.  Once you sign the contract the builder starts on your home right away.  You take possession when the home is completed and your funds are transferred to the builder.

Do I need to get a construction loan?

No, with a $40,000 non-refundable deposit and a letter of prequalification from the builders preferred lender, the builder builds the home with his financing.  You only pay for change orders during construction and close on the your loan once the home is completed.  You may use your own lender, but required to be prequalified only through the builder's lender.

How many pets can I have?

2 household pets per household are allowed

What are the property taxes on the homes?

In Arizona, property taxes are not based on the purchase price but rather the assessed value of the property.  Most homeowners  in the subdivision are paying approximately $4000-$5000 per year for property taxes.

What does Energy Star Rating mean?

It is a program the utility company offers to builders who build to a certain level of energy efficiency.  The home is inspected at 5 different stages of construction to ensure the construction qualifies for the program.  For the buyer this means the home is an energy effiecient home with lower utility costs.

What is Post Tension and why is it important to build with this technology?

In certain types of soil, such as sandy, shifting soil, it is crucial to have a foundation that will not fail, and will not shift.  Concrete cracks, it is a fact.  Building with post tension foundations is the best way to ensure the cracks are only superficial and will not impact the homes settling.